Citrus seedlings

Top view of approximately two months of growth.

Today, I repotted my all citrus seedlings into 2 inch pots from the starter seed pots. What I thought was one viable lemon seed, there actually turned out be another, just a late bloomer. The battery was added to the photo to show scale.

The clementine (top left) has grown two leaves that look similar to the Trovita orange. When it was taken out of the starter pot, the roots had grown long and circled around the bottom of the pot. It was definitely long overdue for a larger pot.

The two lemon sprouts (top right and bottom) are from the same store-bought lemon. But they grew in different rates and have different leaf shapes. The bottom seedling sprouted later yet the leaves are bigger. Contrastingly, the top seedling‘s leaves are smaller and evenly spaced.

I’m excited to see these three citrus seedlings grow and whether they will fruit. For the coming fall and winter season, they will stay indoors under the grow lights.

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