Repotting the Trovita orange tree – Spring 2020

On May 6, 2019, the Trovita orange tree I ordered from Four Winds Growers in California arrived. It was about 24 inches tall with a rootball the size of a softball (pictured on the right).

Almost a year later, I am repotting this orange tree into its third container. As the 2020 growing season begins, I am excited with the prospect that it may bear fruit this year. A year long growing journey with this citrus tree taught me so much about how to care for fruit trees.

I was nervous as I prepared to transplant my orange tree because during the winter months it had lost many of its leaves. I was afraid that it was a sign of poor health and root damage. My mind was fretting over whether I watered it too frequently or it lacked nutrients during the winter months. The months of close monitoring and care paid off when I noticed a new leaf and blossom growth in late-March.

Preparing the new large ceramic pot for the transplant.

After watering and loosing the soil, I lifted the tree out and was greeted with a surprise. The roots were healthy and wrapped all the way around the edge of the old pot. During the last repotting in the fall, the rootball was the size of a dodgeball. Now it’s 10-12 inches in diameter with yellowish-white roots. I was delighted to see how well it developed over the winter months.

The root ball has grown significantly during the winter months.

After the roots were massaged and loosened, the citrus tree was centered and back filled with citrus/palm soil mix. Cedar bark nuggets, usually used for orchid media, were dressed on top of the soil for decoration and soil moisture retention. This new pot has 4-5 inches of room below the bottom of the rootball, so I’m hoping it’ll be fine for about 2 years. Here’s to another great growing season! 🍻

The Trovita orange tree transplanted to its new pot with plenty of room to grow.

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