Planting watermelons 🍉 & cantaloupe seeds🍈

This season I’m getting serious with growing my own food. In this garden bed, I planted watermelon and cantaloupe. Last year, zucchini grew well here but took awhile to get the squash. I really hope this works out well.

Watermelon started from seeds have now been moved to the garden bed.

The watermelon seeds were started indoors in early April. It took nearly a month to germinate. I’m glad I started that seed early because now it has true leaves and is in the ground.

Watermelon seeds have not germinated yet (top row, April 14).
Tray of jalapeño seedlings transplanted from toilet paper roll tubes.
Two empty spots have cantaloupe seeds direct sown in small hills.

I’m also planting cantaloupe in the same bed. I read that these can be grown on a trellis or tomato cage. I have decent size tomato cages, so I’ll try that. I’ll need to create a sling or netting to hold the melons on the cage wire.

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