AeroGarden Bounty Elite Artisan

Earlier this year when I first learned about AeroGarden, I saw there was a unit with a ceramic bowl. It was a discontinued product and no longer on sale from the website. I looked on eBay and there weren’t any on sale either.

For the past few months, I’d search for it on Facebook marketplace. And in December I found one listed locally in the Bronx. So I took a field trip out there with Mema to pick it up. I paid in cash with the promise of it working properly. I figured unless the unit was so poorly cared for, it should all work.

The Artisan line of the Bounty Elite gardens has a glazed ceramic water bowl. The glaze looks speckled giving it a unique textured characteristic.

I first checked to see if the base and the lights would turn on. All good. Then the water bowl and grow deck were thoroughly washed, and all the electronic components were wiped down with Windex. I like using Windex because it loosens grim from plastic nicely and isn’t as harsh as rubbing alcohol. The excitement of the find turned into the satisfaction of having a fully functioning unit ready for a new garden. I plan on trying a strawberry garden again. That will be for another post.

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